Monday, September 30, 2013


Most of us have probably listened to podcast, be it audio, video or some other crazy format. Now some of those who have listened to podcasts listen to a particular podcast or podcasts religiously. I am one of those. For me but maybe not for others the podcast i listened to a particular podcast all day everyday. everything i did everywhere i was i just enjoyed listening to the voices of others. This as you might guess is because i spend a lot of time alone,interjecting myself into conversations that im not actually in. Which brings myself to the point of this article. I have been listening to a podcast called The Internet Box, very funny i highly recommend it, anyways i found out about this podcast about a year ago and was hooked immediately. The podcast just hit episode 100 about 2 weeks ago and they just stopped, no more internet box. The host and our overlord Mike Kroon still hosts the site and is active in the community, so that's nice. Recently a link just appeared on the site called The Experiment™ i don't know what it is nor does anyone else, but needless to say im excited.

and thats how fast my train of thought can be derailed.

also my life is in pieces because of IB withdrawal.