Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is it quiet in here or what?

      Hey guys, mlp_midnaspet here,
I have been busy.... busy making SHIRTS(fanfare plays)
I make nerdy stuff and stupid stuff but really. I put a lot of work into these.
So yeah... se you in a month I guess.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The bane of the internet

     I feel as though I need to speak on this subject, it has haunted me for a while and I need to share my thoughts. What I need to speak of is the menace known as pewdiepie, a Swedish gamer that has gained the system and the control of 13 year olds everywhere.

     Pewdiepie is what is known as a "Lets Player", these "Lets Players" play whatever game happens to be horrendously popular at the time and play them and uploads the video and commentary to You Tube. This is all fine and good. I see it as an audio book type of situation. If you cant game, watch someone else do it. This is an interesting case. A good way to introduce this topic is to link a video that accurately displays how I feel.

    By the way, shout out to Retsupurae, best LP'ers on YouTube.

       I feel the same way as the people in the video, he is downright annoying. He is a shrieking fool and a toxic force on the internet. I feel the same way about minecraft but I should only offend one large group of people on the internet.

       The issue at this point is his popularity. This heathen has over 19 million subscribers. Let that sink in... NINETEEN MILLION AND GROWING. How many mentally inept people on the internet can there be. And please, don't take that statement lightly. I don't think anyone above the age of 12 should be so socially and mentally inept to even tolerate this... this thing.

       For about a month in middle school I liked watching this mess and I am not proud of it but what  I am proud of is. At that age I was old enough to realize how stupid this garbage is. Hell, even my 12 year old brother is above it. Yet there are people, real humans, in my high school that watch regularly and enjoy his "work".

      Beyond the issue with actual content I wish that the people that subscribe to him would spread the love. There are dozens of people on You Tube that put more work and deserve more attention than he does. Namely game theory other people like that.

     A community that is more obnoxious than he coupled with content that makes people want to plunge screwdrivers into their ears. ON TOP OF a broken system. He has become the richest, most over rated man on the internet. I wish worse on him than I do Peter Molyneux.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Indie Hour: 1...2...3... KICK IT!

     1...2...3...KICK IT! is a skydiving game, you dodge objects, hug walls, and grab collectibles on your way down for points. But what makes this cool is that it is made by music.

     Way back in 2009 Dejobaan games made AAAaaaAAA, a reckless disregard for gravity. A skydiving game. stunts and really good level design with a good challenge. When this was released another game was in development. They wanted to make a game with similar mechanics and gameplay but have music play a much bigger role. Then, 4 years later the game becomes available on steam for early access. I see it and start to drool, the game is amazing.

     It takes your mp3 of choice and after a minute or so of loading you are in the game, falling through obstacles  and having a great time "playing" your music. I love this game and even put it on my list of best games of 2013. 9/10, go buy this game if you like music.