Thursday, January 23, 2014

Indie Hour: 1...2...3... KICK IT!

     1...2...3...KICK IT! is a skydiving game, you dodge objects, hug walls, and grab collectibles on your way down for points. But what makes this cool is that it is made by music.

     Way back in 2009 Dejobaan games made AAAaaaAAA, a reckless disregard for gravity. A skydiving game. stunts and really good level design with a good challenge. When this was released another game was in development. They wanted to make a game with similar mechanics and gameplay but have music play a much bigger role. Then, 4 years later the game becomes available on steam for early access. I see it and start to drool, the game is amazing.

     It takes your mp3 of choice and after a minute or so of loading you are in the game, falling through obstacles  and having a great time "playing" your music. I love this game and even put it on my list of best games of 2013. 9/10, go buy this game if you like music.

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