Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oldies but goodies.

Im going to start off this little segment with a little 9 year old game called Half Life 2. HL2 is a story driven action-shooter that tells a deep story with characters full of more humanity than most people you will encounter on the street. For some people amazing gameplay and story isn't enough so Here's a screenshot of the game. Pretty good but.

Down here on the bottom is what is called the cinematic mod. The mod completely changes what the game looks like, for 2004 Half Life 2 looks awesome but with Fake Factories Cinematic mod the game has a whole new breath flowing through it. The mod allows you to use an amazing custom soundtrack as well as change out  all the models for every characters .

Here are some links to the games site and the mod (its 5 bucks, just buy it!) (its free, just get it)

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