Friday, August 16, 2013

Painting Post: Blood Angels

Good morning everyone, it's the General here. And as my first post I have decided to show some of the pictures of some Warhammer 40k models I have been painting. 

In only a few months I have gathered almost 2,000 points of Blood Angels. However, I have just started to paint them up. These are the 3 of the first tactical squad I have almost finished. 

Alongside my Blood Angels (the models shown here), I am also working on painting my friends fairly massive Chaos Space Marine army. As soon as I finish painting some of those models  I will post some pictures of them. 

Speaking of things I hope to post soon, this weekend I will be taking part in both a Black Crusade Roleplaying scenario and a Warhammer Apocalypse game. If things go well, I should be posting pictures and summaries of both! 

-Time to "abandon ship",
     The General

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