Friday, December 20, 2013

Those small things

     I am an avid tech user and as such I like to make my experience as comfortable as possible. One thing that I have found essential to this is a good mouse. For years I used a Microsoft brand optical mouse and I loved it but the became to loose to use in games so I went on a search for the best budget mouse. I spent days on amazon and forums looking for the best. Eventually I found the Anker 2000 dpi Gaming mouse. This mouse is phenomenal, the rise on the palm rest was perfect, it had cool lights, and even had an option for on the fly sensitivity switching. The best thing was that it was only 25$. Unfortunately the wheel went out after a couple of months, I couldn't find anything on it so I assumed it was just my unit.

     Soon after I was on the hunt again. This time I found the Perixx 5000 dpi dual mode mouse, and to be honest I liked it. It was wireless to a degree but it also cost 55$. Not bad but it left something to be desired. The drivers were glitchy and ugly and often didn't take effect, not to mention the mouse is low to the desk, poor rise and was generally uncomfortable. I soon returned that for my current mouse.

     I recently used the return funds to purchase the Anker 8000 dpi laser gaming mouse and to be honest. I love it! The rise on the palm rest is perfect it has great color control, on the fly macro recording and playback(a macro is a string of keys, e.g. If I want to be able to press 5 keys on a keyboard with one press i can make a macro to activate all those keys.), 9 buttons and that on the fly sensitivity switch. It has served me well for a 40$ mouse. Well worth the value.

    What I am getting at here is that the right mouse can completely change how you use your computer, and it might take a couple of tries but when you find the "one", it will be well worth the wait.

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