Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't Wake the Cumber-Dragon!

You woke the Cumber-Dragon...
  I am not sure if you all are aware or not (I would hope you are aware), but we have been shown Benedict Cumberbatch's voice as the fiery dragon Smaug. As amazing (and just generally nerdgasmic) as this voice is, that's not the main thing I'm excited for Cumberbatch to do in the upcoming Hobbit movie.

      The main thing that nearly has me crapping my pants in excitement is the fact that our beloved Mr. Cumberbatch is also going to be voicing the shadowy Necromancer (SPOILER ALERT: He's actually Sauron). Which, other than "I seeeee yoouuuuuuu" and "Aragoooorn", Sauron didn't really have any lines in the main trilogy, so its going to be very fun to see him with a few more lines.
     If you haven't seen the newest Hobbit trailer, I will be oh-so kind as to include a link here. And as always you can see how many days we have to wait until the movie is released over in the top left corner. That's all for now!

-Time to "abandon ship",
     The General

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