Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Stanley Parable

Back in 2011 a mod for the game Half Life 2 was released known as The Stanley Parable. The experience lasts about 30 - 40 minutes but it is a solid 30 - 40 minutes. 6 Endings each with full dialogue and a new take on first person narrative at the end, it is diffidently worth your time.

             The game possesses great charm, while graphics and things of that nature may seem primitive the narration is the superb, it surpasses all games that i have played with flying colors. After playing i can still hear the narrators voice, it is hauntingly soothing. It also won Smartest mod of 2011.

            The reason I bring it up is because the developers(Galactic Cafe) have pulled together and have made a standalone game. This release will be different, deeper and with a lot more dialogue. If you are interested the demo is available on steam right now. Full release is in 1 day! now none of my friends are excited as me about this but they don't get to rain on my parade. Speculated price is below 20 but no price has been announced officially.

           The demo, contrary to other demos, isn't the first 10 minutes of the game, not just the tutorial but a full voiced fully mapped narrative experience that contains nothing from the full game, no spoilers here! In total the demo is about 20-35 minutes depending on how you play it and how many secrets you find.

Link Dump
Galactic Cafe Developers
The Stanley Parable mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB
My steam name: mlp_midnaspet


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