Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hotline Miami

     A haze of colors and blood, swinging your bat and pumping your assailant full of lead. Pulsing music fills your ears, its a little distracting but it keeps you going. Your phone beckons but who waits on the other end is a mystery. Dead hookers a DeLorean, and animal masks, this is  Hotline Miami.

     Hotline Miami is a top-down "helicopter view, or imagine the camera is hovering directly above the character pointing down" there is death, the struggle of a man who is in too deep before it begins, and some kick ass music.

    The game takes place in the 80's and is so psychedelic and trippy at some points it is like playing a fever dream. The game is 10$ on steam and is worth every penny. My rule is that a game has to either give me equal or more hours of entertainment to how many dollars went into buying it OR has to be really good, enough so to make up for the short play-time. This game is a shining example of the second option.

    Essentially, BUY IT. it will run on any low end system and will give you one hell of a ride.

  Link dump:
http://store.steampowered.com/app/219150/ store page.

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