Friday, November 1, 2013

Windows *7* 8

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while but here you go.

I am an avid user of windows 8 and with the release of 8.1 I am happy as ever but it could be better. I have been using windows 8 as an alternate windows 7(best this to his shelves since XP) besides, why wouldn't I. Windows 8 is faster and more secure, ultimately better. There is however a trade off, Metro. Metro is the "square OS" that windows has bundled with windows 8 and I don't like it, i just don't use it. It confuses me that so many people hate windows 8, it runs all the same programs as 7 and is faster. For those who just wanted a faster windows 7 out of 8 there is salvation, startisback. Startisback is a program that can completely eliminate all traces of windows 8 with no hassle (other than the price). It lets you disable hot corners (when you put your mouse in a corner an irritating stuff starts cluttering the screen.)
This is an image of my windows 8.1 desktop.

The price for 2 licenses is 3$ and for 5 it is 5$. cheap, worth it, get it. i would get five in case I to buy more computers in the future, or maybe a tablet. As a serious tech user I recommend.

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