Monday, November 18, 2013

Tech time: Next-Gen consoles.

The next gen consoles are launching this holiday season. First is the PS4 which launched on the 15th. And second is the Xbox One, launching on the 22nd. Both of these will be wildly successful but as different as they are that run on very similar hardware. Im going to talk about the hearts of these machines.

     AMD is a company that makes computer possessors, the control center of any device. They also make Graphics cards, they power all those textures and models in games. For simplicity sake I will refer to the GPU(graphics card) and CPU(Possessor).

     The two major companies that make CPU's are Intel and AMD. Traditionally Intel performs better but cost more and the opposite is true for AMD. I personally am a fan of AMD because they are a forward thinking company and Il tell you why. AMD makes this little thing called and APU(Advanced Processing Unit.) This physically looks like a standard CPU but it acts like a CPU and a GPU in one. It is a low power consumption alternative to owning the two apart. They are also dirt cheap.

     This is important because the Xbox One and the PS4 both use them. The top of the line APU available for consumers is a quad-core. Now with this in mind the next-gens run on a beefed up 8 core. This is kinda crazy and will offer a lot of possibilities for developers in the future. The graphics power behind it isnt amazing but it gets the job done well.

    If I had to put my money somewhere(excluding pc gaming) it would be in the Xbox One. In my experience the fanbase is more "loyal" and Sony is a bit unstable and it isnt known exactly what the future holds for them.

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