Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1000 posts, Yay.

     Me and the co-owner of this blog have been watching eagerly to see when we get 1000 page views. After 4 months and four days we are going strong. For this post I will talk about something that has stewed in my mind for a while, the Xbox one launch announcement.

   We all know about the Xbox one's "colossal failure" at its announcement. All the DRM policies and such were a massive turn off, but! but, but, but, but. Consoles (and anything really) always has a massive following And people WILL buy it. Now lets say that one one side we have the people who Had the 360 and will FOR SURE buy the one despite its flaws. Now on the other side we have people who have been looking into the one, they are people who are new to gaming or people who have owned other consoles that aren't Microsoft's. These people will likely(more will than not ) buy it. Now when the news of its flaws from its debut reaches these two group of people, The die hard's will argue and buy it no matter what. The Others will be turned off, some of them will buy it, but a large number of them will just say "no". Now, when Microsoft changed a lot of things, supposedly "taking into consideration what the fans think" All of the peoples views change and a third party emerges. Group 1 stays the same. Group 2 will have more people considering buying it and more who WILL buy it than ever before. And on to the third party, These are every day people, not really gamers or against it. Just normal people. These people see what kind of reforms that Microsoft is pushing and suddenly the One seems a lot more attractive. This may be a stretch but I don't think so, Microsoft has too much money and is too large to make a move like that and think it will work.

    Been working on that one for a while so, yeah. tl;dr

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